12 April 2010

Kirstenbosch: More Meandering

Date: 11 April 2010

Location: Kirstenbosch

Walker: Helen

As for my previous walks in Kirstenbosch (see here and here) I arrived by the side entrance gate, near the tearoom.

And, as usual, my first stop was the display case to see what's in flower at the moment. All are labelled, so this a good place to learn one's fynbos.

I noticed that the fragrance garden nearby has now been replanted but is not yet open. Maybe by springtime?

From here I walked on into the central part of the garden. I am a creature of habit and tend to take the same old paths every time I visit the garden. This time I decided to explore as many new paths as I could, where possible taking the cobbled paths and walkways through the beds. My meanderings took me through the useful plants section, to the dell, into the forest and through the rockery and the peninsular garden bed.

The Leonotis leonora was in full bloom, in both orange and white. I think the flowers look like hairy spiders!

There were quite a few other plants in flower too.

I didn't get as far as the fynbos section higher up, but even in the middle section there were a few proteas and ericas in bloom. Love the pink!

And, as always, I enjoyed the greens and greys of the foliage.

But by far the most impressive floral display was the Plectranthus (more about the plant here). Purpley-blue, pink and white varieties were in full flower in the shadier parts of the garden.

The pastel shades were so pretty!

The bushes were a-buzz with bees. I spent ages trying to get a photo of one but they do not rest for a second. This was the best shot I managed.

I stopped for a while on this bench in the dell, but it was a bit chilly in the shade, so moved on to a bench in a sunnier spot.

Someone had left a rose on this bench, perhaps a tribute to Maureen? I often wonder about the people who have benches dedicated to their memory in the garden. So many people have loved the garden throughout the years.

A passer-by pointed out a pair of owls in a tall tree.

The rockery section was looking particularly green and lovely.

The plant forms here are so unusual. I adore the aloes.

I left the garden feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. That never changes!

(Photos by Helen)

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