28 January 2010

Signal Hill on a Windy Day

Date: 28 January 2010

Location: Signal Hill

Walkers: Helen & Michele

**** Route plotted here ****

Previous walk on this route described here.

We'd gone up Signal Hill Road with the intention of climbing Lion's Head but when we stopped at the parking area the wind was gusting so strongly we decided to drive on to Signal Hill. Here it was much more pleasant - still breezy but at least we didn't feel in danger of being blown off our feet.

From the view site we took the path down the hill, keeping to the right.

We got fabulous views down to Sea Point and across to Lion's Head.

The mid-summer fynbos looked pretty in shades of soft green and grey.

It was not soft though! We took a secondary path that was a bit overgrown and found the vegetation we had to brush past to be very prickly indeed. Ouch, our legs and arms got quite badly scratched.

Once we got back to the main path we passed hordes of joggers, clearly a running group (or two) training. There were also other walkers and cyclists using the path. A busy day on Signal Hill!

We strolled on the kramat where we met the fierce wind again. Clouds were now scudding across the sky as the gale got worse. Time to turn back!

(Photos by Helen)

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