18 January 2010

Devils' Peak: Lower Slopes Loop

Date: 15 January 2010

Location: Devil's Peak from Vredehoek

Walkers: Helen & Michele

*** Route plotted here ****

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On a very windy afternoon we set out from the quarry for a walk on the lower slopes of Devil's Peak. We went right, following the lower path and walking straight into the south-easter wind. It was pretty hard-going!

We took a turn to the left and continued up the hill.

This path took us quite close to Tafelberg Road, with Oppelskop above. The views across the slopes and down to the city were lovely.

The path lead round to a very green bushy section of the mountain - it looks like this area must have escaped from the fire earlier in the year. Then the route began to descend into the wooded area of Deer Park.

Below a stand of silver trees it looped to the right and headed back. We were now back on the lower road we'd turned off earlier.

The walk back was much easier with the wind at our backs!

(Photos by Helen)

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