18 September 2009

Devil's Peak Contour

Date: 18 September 2009

Location: Devil's Peak, from Tafelberg Road

Walkers: Dorothy, Michele, Helen, Tarryn, Summer, Kim and Wade

**** Route plotted here ****

From the parking area on Tafelberg Rd we started up the Saddle Path, taking the lower contour left, signposted to Oppelskop and Devil's Peak.

We were taking a bit of a chance with the weather - it had been raining on and off all day, and still looked rather threatening in the distance.

Last time we walked on this path it was during the driest part of summer, and a week before that horrible fire that left the hillside charred and black. It has slowly greened-up over the winter, and I was keen to see how it was doing from close up.

The section we walked was looking great! There was lots of water about, and plenty of healthy green growth, particularly in the kloofs (although it should be noted that this area didn't burn as badly as the lower slopes). It looked as if the heavy rains had brought some more rocks down.

Sections of the path was lined with this spindly and delicate species, Trachyandra revoluta. It often appears after fires, and the flowers only open in the late afternoon, so conditions were perfect.

What a sweetie!

Erica was in flower too. I think this variety is Erica abientina.

We also saw (from the top) Pelargonium myrrhifolium (or maybe longicaule - these pelargoniums really are impossible!), Gladiolus carneus, Cyphia bulbosa, Sebaea exacoides and Cliffortia ruscifolia

Then there was this peculiar thing. It looked like a sort of Metalasia, but I can't identify it. Are the red lumps some sort of bud? I think I'll need to go up this path again in a week or two to see it again!

By now the bad weather had moved across towards us. It began to drizzle, so we didn't complete the planned route. Instead we turned back before we got to Oppelskop, and headed back down the way we came. I don't like to cut walks short, but I dislike getting soaking wet and cold even more!

(Photos by Helen)

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