10 September 2009

Table Mountain: "Puff" with My Brother

Date: 30 August 2009

Location: Table Mountain

Walkers: Helen & Ian

**** Route plotted here ****

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My brother was visiting Cape Town, and when we decided to walk my favourite path on Table Mountain - "Puff Adder Alley" - was the first choice. So up Platteklip Gorge we went!

The waterfall was still running strongly, and the vegetation looked healthy.

One of my favourite sections is along the contour path to the cave. The pelargoniums are such a bright shade of green this time of year.

Ian was very interested in the cave, and reckons it must have offered excellent shelter to early inhabitants of the area. I bet they chose it as much for the wonderful views as for protection from the elements!

We also stopped to have a look at the sundews. These carnivorous plants are a common sight on this route, especially on the damp rocky ledges. I think this variety is Drosera trinervia.

The oak tree further along the contour was in new leaf. So pretty!

(Photos by Helen)

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