26 September 2009

Tokai Forest

Date: 25 September 2009

Location: Tokai

Walkers: Dorothy, Claudia & Helen

Tokai has an arboterum, a tea garden, a little bit of indigenous forest, and a large pine tree plantation.

From the main entrance we took a path to the left.

There were route markers but we didn't follow them.

Instead we strolled through the pines and the gums.

It seemed as if we could see every shade of green here.

We walked up alongside the Prinskasteel stream for a bit. Although it was flowing, it smelt very stagnant and there was a lot of scum. In fact it was so unpleasantly smelly that we made our way back to the arboretum.

Here we meandered amongst the trees, with no particular destination in mind. The stillness and all that green is very peaceful - good for the soul.

And I just love the fresh green colour of new leaves!

(Photos by Helen)

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MrMozambique said...

I was running the jeep tracks two days ago and they are clear-cutting most/all of the pines in Tokai. I stopped and spoke with the workers and they said SANParks requested the removal of the pine as it was an alien species. It was sad to see a clear field where just last week I was running through a dense pine forest.