15 September 2009

Silvermine Valley and Trappieskop

Date: 12 September 2009

Location: from Ou Kaapse Weg, Silvermine East, through Clovelly to Kalk Bay

Walkers: Dorothy and Helen

**** Route plotted here ****

As this was a one-way walk, we met in Kalk Bay, left a car there and drove through Fish Hoek and Sun Valley to Ou Kaapse Weg. We set off from the Noordhoek Rd intersection, towards the coast, along the tarred road...

... which after a way became dirt. We could see Trappieskop straight ahead, and got glimpses of Fish Hoek and the blue ocean in the distance.

The valley was green and lush, with the hills of Silvermine to our left.

This eye-catching shrub was growing on the side of the road. I could see it wasn't fynbos - its flower and seed pods looked like something from the pea family. That leaf, however, was a very distinctive shape. Aah, a lupin!

We also saw masses of this delicate white flower. Not sure what it is, but my best guess for now is Dischisma ciliatum.

I was drawn to the shape of this pale yellow flower, and its fine veining. One would think it would be easy to identify (four petals is quite unusual) but I can see nothing in my books. Ideas, anyone?

Half-way down the road we reached a stream, coming from Silvermine East.

The stream run under the road and then made its way down the valley on the right of our path. This wetland area was full of reeds. Further along we came to Clovelly Golf Course. I was again reminded how golf courses are 'green deserts' in terms of the environment. All those gum trees and lawn... gah! I prefer fynbos anyday.

We then made our way along the streets of Clovelly

From the highest point on Clovelly Road we found the path leading up to the neck, with Trappieskop to our right. It was an easy climb.

Before long we could see False Bay, and then Kalk Bay Harbour.

We didn't veer off the main path to climb Trappieskop (we thought we'd leave that detour for another day). Instead we kept on the main path and headed straight down back to into the village. And then we went for a late breakfast at Olympia Cafe. Oh yes, this is the way to spend a Saturday morning.

(Photos by Helen)


browniegirl said...

Hubby and I were just chatting about this walk while we were walking around the Silvermine Wetlands today. He would love to take our 6year old grandson soon. Hubby had a serious motorbike accident in July resulting in iron rods and plates in his spine and both ankles. We have started walking regularly and I am so thrilled & grateful that he is able to anticipate and plan a walk like this soon with Tyler.

Helen said...

Sorry to hear about your husband's accident. Wow, it sounds like he had very serious injuries. Hope his recovery continues to go well and that it won't be long til you can all enjoy this walk. Best wishes!