26 July 2012

Greece 2012: On To Paros

Date: 20 June 2012

Location: Santorini and then on to Paros

Traveller: Helen

The first leg of my trip was over and it was time to travel onwards via ferry. Luckily a very large steady ferry (I'm not good on boats). Bye-bye Santorini!

And hello to my next destination: the island of Paros. It was late when I arrived and I was excited to meet up with my friends. We checked into our hotel in the little mountain village of Lefkes. When I woke up the next morning this was the view from our hotel. Down the valley...

... and across to the village with its impressive church on the hill.

Our hotel was very comfortable indeed, with a beautiful big swimming pool and delicious breakfasts on the terrace.

Lefkes is situated right in the middle of the island - the perfect base for our daily explorations. It's in the hills, but one can still see the sea!

And the charming village centre is just a short stroll away.


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