26 July 2012

Greece 2012: Exploring Paros I

Date: 21 June 2012

Location: Paros

Travellers: Helen, Dom, Josie, Lloyd & Christina

Off to explore the island! We had a little hired car which made getting around very easy. From Lefkes we drove to the eastern side of the island. First stop: Molos. A beach, a few boats and a church.

The countryside here - and indeed all over Paros - reminded me a lot of the Overberg region of the Cape.

It was a bit windy so we continued south to Glifa where we found a sheltered beach and I had my first swim in the ocean in Greece. The water was heavenly.... clear, cool and very refreshing.

And I was very taken with the fact that most of the beaches have trees. They are tamarisks and seem to grow in pure sand. They make a light dappled shade. Perfection!

After our swim: back up the coast to Lolantonis.

We had lunch at a taverna here. Christina, our Greek friend, ordered for us... a variety of dishes which we all shared. Baked eggplant, fried fish, octopus.

After our late lunch we returned to Lefkes for naps and swims. Later we decided some more exploring, on foot this time. First, down into the valley below the hotel. The slopes here are terraced with old dry-stone walls, and dovecots and windmills are dotted around on the hills.

We came across a traditional outside eating area under a huge fig tree. Thick slab of marble for a table!

As we climbed up towards the villlage we got a view back to our hotel. Olive and fruits trees grow on the terraces.

Oranges, figs and apricots.

We walked up into the village centre. Here there are narrow little walkways which wind up and down and round about. Utterly charming!

I just loved the details... the weathered walls, the peeling paint, the architectural simplicity...

... the teeny-tiny kitten (see it there next to the door?) ...

... and of course the pottered gardens.

On the highest hill is the Agia Triada church.

And in the church square: a little kafeneon (cafe/bar). We stopped for some drinks and snacks to celebrate the end of a good day.


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Firefly said...

I have to really agree that it does look a lot like the Overberg. The character of the towns and the architecture is very very different though.