09 July 2012

Greece 2012: Oia, Santorini

Date: 18 June 2012

Location: Oia, on the island of Santorini

Walker: Helen

On holiday in the Greek islands! First stop... Santorini. On the morning of my first full day I took the bus to the village of Oia. It is known to be one of the most picturesque places on the island, and it did not disappoint. Perched on top of the cliff, with wonderful views of the caldera...

... and an extraordinary marble pedestrian 'highway' all through the town.

All along the way there are shops, hotels and restaurants. Tourist mecca.

The main square has a large church. Love the bell tower.

Even the ruins and dilapidated buildings in Greece are charming.

At the end of the main walkway is an old stone fort.

Views from the fort to the left...

... and to the right...

... and down to the harbour below.

I also meandered at random around the alleys and side streets.

I had a quick look at the Eastern side of the island.

More shops and restaurants down this way.

And then back to the main part of town, and more churches.

Looking south, back down to the outer reaches of the village. It looks like the houses are tumbling down the hillside doesn't it. They are actually built into the soft volcanic rock of the cliff.

After a few hours of walking I was hot and thirsty so I took a table at a shady rooftop restaurant and ordered some tea...

.. and watched the comings and goings below. Good to be on holiday :-)



Ellen Zachos said...

You visited my patrida! Your lovely photos make me want to return to Greece immediately. You've captured so many shades of blue. Can't wait to see the rest of the trip.

Firefly said...

BEAUTIFUL!!!! What an stunning place and by the looks of it best explored on foot.

Helen said...

Ellen! Hi! Yes, lucky me. And you're right, so much beautiful blue. Greece is just lovely, I had a great holiday. Already dreaming about going back.

Firefly, thank you and yes - Greece is such a photogenic place. One can meander around on foot for hours, taking pictures. Which is what I did just about every day :-)