27 July 2012

Greece 2012: Exploring Paros II

Date: 22 June 2012

Location: Paros

Travellers: Helen, Dom, Josie, Lloyd & Christina

This morning we set off in an easterly direction again, driving through the village of Marpissa, and up Kefalos hill. The road was very steep and twisty!

The last few bends we covered on foot.

Down below was Molos which we had visited the day before.

On top of the hill we found the Agios Antonios monastery.

It was very quiet. We had a good look around. No monks about!

Amazing views on all directions. Looking north-east we saw the fertile valley below. I saw more agriculture here than anywhere else on the island.

South-east we saw the little harbour town of Piso Livadi .

West we could see Marpissa below with the hills beyond.

It was of course a steep descent. Wheeee!

We went back into Marpissa to do some exploring.

From the village we could see the hill.

The village itself was delightful.

To the taverna for freshly squeezed orange juice.

I stopped to greet every cat I saw. This one was particularly sweet.

It is very hard to take any photographs free of telephone and electrify poles in Greece - they are everywhere. Rather unfortunate.

The day had really warmed up now and it was time for a swim. We went to the beach at Farangas and had a dip.

Later we drove on to Aliki on the south -west coast where we lunched at a taverna on a concrete jetty, right in the harbour. Delicious seafood.

After our late lunch we walked on to Aliki beach and did more swimming, and napping in the sun. It was a glorious afternoon.

On the way home we stopped in at Petaloudes. This is a lush protected valley where a certain variety of butterfly congregate in great numbers over the summer months.

At first it looked like there wasn't much to see.

But when we looked closely we saw a butterfly on every second leaf.

The butterflies flutter up when disturbed and the underside of their wings are a brilliant red. So pretty! Sadly I didn't manage to get any action shots.

We continued home to Lefkes on a secondary road on the west side of the island. We stopped to look at the view several times.

Another church, catching the golden late afternoon sun.

And through Parikia, the main town of Paros.


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Firefly said...

I'm sitting here reading this with cold fingers and a beany on. Wish I was there. Greece seems to have so many beautiful views and scenery with churches and villages everywhere.