12 July 2012

Greece 2012: Fira, Santorini

Date: 17 to 19 June 2012

Location: Fira, on the island of Santorini

Walker: Helen

I was based in Fira for my three days in Santorini and every day I spent some time exploring there. I arrived in the late afternoon and as soon as I'd settled into my hotel I made my way into the town centre. There's a vibrant market area with plenty of shops and restaurants lining the narrow streets.

And beyond that the caldera, with its spectacular views...

... and a glorious sunset!

There was a back way to get from the hotel into town: a ten minute walk along a little pedestrian alleyway. I walked this route several times every day and got to know it really well.

Complete with donkey poo and stray cats.

I was very taken with the doorways and gates along the route.

This back way lead to one of the main roads through Fira. Here I was grateful for the shade from the gum trees.

Every day I stopped at a mini-market to buy bottles of water and fruit.

It was a short climb up one of the cobbled streets into the town centre.

I was drawn to the sea views every time, looking across to the volcano island and watching the cruise liners, ferries and other boats below.

Like Oia, Fira is built along the edge of the cliff, with steep stairs everywhere. One can certainly get a workout walking up and down!

Far below is a small harbour, accessed via cable-way...

... or donkey...

... or very many steps.

I had plans for a long walk along the edge of the caldera. I also wanted to do the boat trip across to the volcano and visit the site of Ancient Thira. But unfortunately I got sick (bronchitis.... sigh). Although I wasn't well enough to do these excursions I felt okay to meander around Fira and just soak up the atmosphere and the scenery.

In fact it was an absolute pleasure to stroll around at a very leisurely pace, with no particular destination in mind. I often got a bit lost, but all paths eventually led back into the town centre.

Greece is so beautiful!

When I got hungry I read menus and picked a restaurant.

And when I got tired I made my way back to the hotel for a nap or a laze by the pool. After a couple of days I was feeling better.



Ellen Zachos said...

I guess bronchitis is never welcome, but that town and that place look like a lovely place to recuperate. Glad you're feeling better.

Firefly said...

Really looks like an amazing place. Scenic views, beautiful town and lots to see. Ideal for those who like to walk while sightseeing. Just not sure about those steps.