05 February 2012

Kloof Corner Steps: Chinks & Lizards

Date: 22 January 2012

Table Mountain

Walkers: Helen & Brenda

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Up this familiar route in a warm summer afternoon...

... was really hard-going in the heat! I took it slow up and still had to have a rest in the shade once I reached the top of the steps.

Spotted on the wayside: white chincherinchee (Ornithogalum conicum?).

And the bobble-buds of Berzelia.

And a long lizard sunning itself on a rock. I love his rusty colours.

As we walked down we passed a large crowd heading uphill. Must have been over thirty people, all huffing and puffing uphill.

We detoured along another path for a short distance, getting a slightly different view of this side of Table Mountain and the valley below.


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Firefly said...

I wonder how many people in Cape Town realise that this is there, right above the city bowl.