27 February 2012

Tradouw Pass for a Swim

Date: 12 February 2012

Location: on the Tradouw Pass, not far from Swellendam

Walkers/Swimmers: Helen, Ian & John

It was a warm and sunny afternoon and we took a drive from Swellendam, through the little village of Suurbraak and along the Tradouw Pass direction Barrydale. The plan was to find a suitable spot to have a little picnic and a swim in the river.

This route is a very pleasant scenic drive and we stopped a couple of times to admire the view. The road was built by Thomas Bain in the 1870s.

After Stone Haven (a private nature reserve) we found a place where the road passed quite close to the river, and we decided it would be a good spot to do some exploring. It was just a short stroll to the water. We looked up and down river to find the best swimming hole.

Gorgeous mountains all around us!

The rocks were very pretty too - smooth and shiny, with pastel streaks.

There was a lot of this wild flower around. A type of statis perhaps?

It wasn't long 'til we located a perfect place for a dip.

Easy access into a deep pool. Hugely refreshing!

Afterwards we sat on the rocks, nibbling our snacks, watching the clouds pass by and enjoying being outside on such a perfect afternoon.



Marie said...

Hm, that flower looks like Verbena bonariensis. Not a good sign.

HUGE pool!

Unknown said...

I feel ashamed to say that I have never driven the Tradouw Pass. I hear its a stunning pass to drive. One these hot days of summer I don't think there is anything as refreshing as a swim in a mountain stream and you seem to have found the perfect spot.

Helen said...

Thanks for the ID Marie. Pretty flower but it looks very much like a weed. Definitely got a foothold in that area unfortunately. I also saw it in my brother's garden.

Firefly, I do recommend you take that pass sometime. It is a lovely drive.