22 August 2011

Garden Route: Valley of Ferns

07 August 2011

Location: between Plett and Knysna on the Garden Route

Walkers: Helen, Dorothy, Vanessa, Mum and Dad

On holiday! From our base in Plett we took a leisurely drive inland, following the R340 up the Bitou River valley, and then a road west towards Diepwalle on the R339. It was a lovely scenic route, through farmland and forested slopes, with mountain peaks in the distance.

Near the peak Spitskop we stopped at the Valley of Ferns picnic area.

After helping ourselves to one of the self-issue permits (Valley of Ferns is part of Diepwalle state forest) we set off on the short walking trail.

It was an easy stroll through the thick undergrowth, although very squelchy underfoot. There were plenty of ferns and tall tree ferns beneath the indigenous trees.

I love the forest! Sunlight through a gap in the canopy.

Back at the picnic area we lazed around in the sun and ate a delicious picnic lunch. A very good start to our holiday.


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Firefly said...

I love walking in the forest as well. When we stayed in Knysna over Easter I explored big parts of the forest around there, but Plett's forests are still waiting