28 August 2011

Plett: Witsand at Robberg

Date: 11 August 2011

Location: Robberg Nature Reserve, Plettenberg Bay

Walkers: Helen and Vanessa

**** Route plotted here ****

Previous walk at Robberg here.

No holiday in Plett is complete without a meander around wild and beautiful Robberg peninsula. Last visit we walked all the way to the Point but this time around Vanessa and I opted for the shorter Witsand route.We started at the same place, on the east side. Below us was the full stretch of Robberg beach which we had walked a couple of days previously.

We walked down the wooden steps and then followed the clearly signposted path to the right.

The path took us along the side of the slope, with fantastic views of the bay. We kept our eyes peeled for whales but didn't spot any.

At the Gap we got a glimpse of Gap Beach on the west side of the peninsula.

We continued on our path, up the slope and along...

... stopping to look at flowers and interesting rocks...

... and occasionally looking back to see how far we'd come.

The scenery here always reminds me of Cape Point and False Bay. It is spectacular. I particularly loved the lines of waves coming in.

For a while the path went through thick bush.

From the view points we looked down on a dassie sunning himself on a ridge below us, and further along, far below us, lots and lots of seals. They were playing in the waves and gathering on the rocks.

On we walked...

... until the path dipped down to Witsand.

This dune cuts right through the peninsula. Our route had us turning right and following the sandy path all the way down.

The rocky outcrop called the Island was clearly visible at the other side of the beach.

As we reached the bottom we could see the rocky western side of Robberg.

Cormorants on the beach. We also saw groups of osytercatchers and gulls.

We walked across to the Island but decided not to explore further there this visit.

Instead we headed back towards the Gap. Some other holidaymakers were swimming in the sea - brave things. The water was cold!

The path took us across the rocks, past an old midden in a cave, and then onto a brand new wooden walkway.

We passed Gap Beach again.

And then we followed the path up and round, staying on the west side of the peninsula. There was a last view back to the Island, and then a walk along a straight path back to the parking area.



Marie said...

Those wave lines...wow. Is there still a very scary dropoff to your left, just after what I call the 'neck' and before the seals? I froze there, last time.

החווה said...

how many hours or in km is the walk?

Firefly said...

I have never walked on Robberg and after our short visit I did say to my wife that next time I have to put time aside to go and walk on it. I agree that it must be very similar to Cape Point.