04 August 2011

Greenbelt: Silverhurst Trail

Date: 17 July 2011

Location: Constantia

Walkers: Helen & Michele

*** Route plotted here ***

More info about the Constantia Greenbelt here, and my other Greenbelt walk here.

Dorothy and I had an hour to kill before meeting some friends for lunch in Constantia, so we took the opportunity to stretch our legs along one of the Constantia Greenbelt routes. We choose the easy Silverhurst Trail which starts off Constantia Main Road.

It was a beautiful still day, and it was super to be outside in the sun.

We walked on the path to the right of the little stream.

After a while we passed a small dam. What a peaceful-looking spot.

Something very charming about winter trees isn't there?

There was lovely lush green grass growing everywhere, but not many flowers. However there were a couple of spots of colour here and there: red berries, a yellow seurtjie, light orange nasturtiums and a dark orange cobra lily (my first of the season!)

When the path came to an end we crossed the wooden bridge and headed back on the path on the opposite side of the stream.

We were now next to the Silverhurst Estate.

There are some fancy houses in this development, all safe and secure behind a very serious electric fence (ten strands!).

It was a pleasant easy walk back.

And then just a hop across the stream, back to our waiting car.



Firefly said...

Looking at those first pics you would think its somewhere out in the bush. You really are very fortunate to have all these wonderful natural areas in Cape Town.

I popped down to CT for a presentation last Friday and grabed 30 min to go and have a look at the Biodiversity Garden at Green Point. Awesome!

Gauteng said...

Your blog is breathtaking Helen.