23 August 2011

Plett: Robberg Beach

Date: 8 August 2011

Location: Plettenberg Bay

Walkers: Dorothy, Vanessa & Helen

*** Route plotted here ***

Robberg Beach is the long curve of sand from the Beacon Isle Hotel and Robberg Peninsula. We set off to walk it on a bright sunny morning, starting at the parking area near the hotel and heading west.

It was fun to check out the houses on the top of the dunes.

The sand was very soft so the walking was pretty hard-going. Dorothy was still recovering from a back injury, so she turned back and Vanessa and I continued on alone.

Along the way we saw: sandpipers skipping along...

... a young dead seal with a nasty bite (perhaps a shark?)...

... and paddle surfers. Wow, that looks such fun!

Eventually we reached the end of the beach, and took a short rest.

And then it was a long walk back. All the early morning mist had lifted and it was a perfect day. Exercise done for the day, we took it easy!



Firefly the Travel Guy said...

On our stay in Plett we stayed just off this beach, but the weather didn't allow time in the afternoon to walk to Robberg. I did take this sunrise pic there though - http://fireflyafrica.blogspot.com/2011/07/enjoying-sunrise.html

Marie said...

Love that picture of the paddleboarders with the Beacon Isle in the sea mist. It's a winner. Enter it in something!

Brings back loooong ago memories.

Helen said...

Firefly, I love that sunrise pic!

Marie, thank you for the compliment. I like that shot too :)
I'm absolutely fascinated by paddle surfers!

Marie said...

I tried a couple of weeks ago and fell, and fell, and fell. Didn't help that there was an audience. Also, I forgot to look at the horizon, kept looking at my feet. Next time.