06 June 2011

Silvermine: Amphitheatre, Again

Date: 21 May 2011

Silvermine Nature Reserve

Walkers: Michele and Helen

Previous walks along this path here, here and here.

*** Route plotted here ***

Michele and I set off for a much-needed walk along one of our favourite routes, the Amphitheatre Path in Silvermine. It was a still, cloudy day, but warm for this time of year - really good weather for walking. The softness of the day was mirrored in the grey-green fynbos and the delightful pastel pinks of the ericas. So so pretty!

As we climbed up the hill we notices more flowers in soft colours: creamy yellow erica, fluffy white stilbe and caramel metalasia.

This time of year is oxalis time! We saw these pretty little flowers growing alongside the path and between rocks all along the route. Even though the sun wasn't shining it was bright enough for them to open. Colours ranged from white to pale pink to bright pink.

Once up the hill we continued along the gravel road until we turned off onto our path to the left. As always I enjoyed walking through the tall bright green berzelia bushes. They are the brightest of greens.

As we climbed the panoramic view revealed itself.

One of the pleasures of walking a familiar route is seeing plants one knows. I was delighted to see this erica bush at our usual stopping place covered in red flowers. It looks very healthy and happy.

This plant was growing alongside the path. I love the fuzzy grey leaves. I wonder what it is?

Clumps of yellow erica were dotted everywhere on the last uphill slope.

Once on top we followed the path along the plateau. False Bay in the distance.

Behind us we could see the escarpment, with Constantiaberg behind us.

I always get a bit of thrill when Long Beach comes into view.

Once we'd enjoyed the views we started the descent, down the hill and back to the road, and back to the start. As always, an outstanding walk.



Firefly said...

I wouldn't be too keen to do that on a hot day seeing that there are so little shade. The oxalis are all in bloom along the roads around town here in PE as well.

Lyn said...

Helen, I always enjoy your hike descriptions and especially your pictures. I know the Amphitheatre walk well - its also one of my favourites.

Reggie said...

We've only ever walked this route clockwise from the reservoir - but I see you're walking it anti-clockwise. We should try that next time.