14 June 2011

West Coast: Churchhaven, Part II

5 June 2011

Location: Churchhaven in the West Coast National Park

Walkers: Dom, Josie and Helen

*** Route plotted here ***

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We were up shortly after sunrise and, as it was a glorious morning, headed straight out for a walk. Down to the lagoon.

Along the way we got a good view of the little village to the north, our destination for today's explorations.

But first: the water's edge. The water, the clouds, the sun rays, the boat, the birds on the boat... it was all so incredibly lovely!

Barely a ripple... perfect reflections.

After taking in the views we ambled left, up the beach.

I loved the bright colours of the canoes pulled up into the bush.

The coast was rocky. At one point we had to take off our shoes to get past a certain point. The water was freezing cold.

As usual, I was bringing up the rear. When I saw the other two peering into the water I quickly caught up to see what had grabbed their attention.

It was a sand shark. Can you see it?

Dom gave it a gentle poke with a stick, and off it swam into the depths.

The day had really brightened up and we enjoyed the warmth of the sun as we continued along the coast.

As we rounded the point we got a great view along the next stretch of beach and lagoon. There were a lot of sea birds in the distance.

And more fishing boats... so attractively weathered!

This boat was filled with very fine netting. Strange stuff.

We walked up into the little town and had a look around the cottages.

From here we could see more wetlands similar to the ones seen further south yesterday. I can't image a more pleasing view... soft fynbos, reeds, calm water, birds, hills in the distance. Heaven.

Mousebirds so busy in the morning sunshine. So much twittering!

After a good look around we took the road back towards Churchhaven.

There she is!

Home just in time for breakfast.

And a little later in the morning, a meander around the graveyard.



Firefly said...

Looks like you had another perfect weather day. The lagoon with the boats made for absolutely perfect reflection pictures.

Reinard said...


Were you able to go inot the nature reserve?
Can anyone take a drive to Churhhaven for a day visit?

Helen said...

Hi Reinard -
Churchhaven is actually within the West Coast National Park but the village itself is out of bounds to day visitors to the park. This is to ensure the peace & quiet and privacy of the residents.
I do hope this doesn't put you off visiting the park. There is plenty to see and enjoy, especially now in springtime. And if you get a chance to stay in Churchhaven - take it!