22 May 2011

Kloof Corner: Up and Down

Date: 18 May 2011

Location: Table Mountain

Walkers: Dorothy, Helen & Michele

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Got to love a public holiday in the middle of the week! After voting in our local government elections we decided to head up the mountain for a short walk. It was a warm and sunny afternoon, with a bit of cloud swirling around on the mountain. Great weather for walking.

I love the views on this walk. City Bowl, Devil's Peak and beyond to the left, and Twelve Apostles and Camp's Bay to the right.

And on the slopes: fluffy Brunia.

Also, lots of Oxalis, mostly in various shades of pink.

But also some white ones, with buttery yellow centres.

This walk is a steady climb uphill. We took it slow. Dorothy's still recovering from an operation on her foot and I've not exercised as much as I should have over the last couple of months and have been feeling very sluggish and unfit as a result. It felt very good to be out on the mountain again, and the exertion felt good. Must get back to walking more regularly.

Once we reached the contour we sat for a while, enjoying the view, before heading down the same route.

This little guy was hopping about the rocks.



Firefly said...

My election day (after voting) was spent cleaning house. I would rather have joined you out in the fresh air

Caroline said...

Looks like fun. I love the little bird - looks like a familiar chat.

Reggie said...

Ahh! We haven't walked up Kloof Corner for yonks - I'd forgotten about those incredible views! Thanks for the reminder, Helen. :-)