13 June 2011

West Coast : Churchhaven, Part I

Date: 4 June 2011

Location: Churchhaven in the West Coast National Park

Walkers: Dom, Josie and Helen

*** Route plotted here ***

Previous visit to West Coast National Park here.

Churchhaven is a small village on the shores of the Langebaan lagoon, within the West Coast National Park. It is known for its attractive white-washed fisherman's cottages. I was delighted to have a chance to visit and stay overnight with some friends. And, of course, to do a little exploring of the area on foot.

On our first meander we walked first to the church and graveyard.

From here we got a view of the lagoon... to the north...

... and to the south. We decided to head in a southerly direction.

We walked along the road, past the houses. This boat in one of the gardens caught my eye. I love the deckchair in the boat... how comfy!

Beyond the village we walked through the dune vegetation onto the sand.

Although it was already late in the day it was still, warm and sunny out. A perfect afternoon. It was so peaceful near the water's edge.

We strolled around the corner to the next bay.

Crystal clear blue water and, what's that... ?

Pink flamingos!

We made our way back onto the road, passing an adorable dilapidated cottage on the way. A fixer-upper, hey, Dom?

The wetlands to our left were absolutely spectacular. The colours! And look at that water... not a ripple. Views like this make me wish I could paint.

We walked to the start of the hill, after letting the flock of ostriches make their way across, and then headed back along the road.

Long shadows now in the late afternoon.

And a soon-to-be-setting sun.


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Unknown said...

The West Coast is one of the areas in South Africa that I haven't been to. You seem to have had the perfect day.