24 December 2010

Up Kloof Corner Again

23 December 2010

Location: Table Mountain

Walkers: Helen & Michele

This walk is now a firm favourite. See the archive here.

Our plan had been to walk up Lion's Head, but some weather had come up and the peak was wreathed in cloud. Across the valley Kloof Corner was clear, so we did this walk instead.

This route is always a pleasure: a nice steady climb with fantastic views out over the city...

... and down the Twelve Apostles.

This yellow flower has opened recently and can be seen alongside the path. It is strawflower, Helichrysum cymosum. I like its colour and texture.

And this appears to be an Ornithogalum, not sure which one.

Now that it is summer the grasses are out - a huge variety. They flop into the pathway along the contour section and as we walked along our legs brushed past the soft tufts.

As we came down our usual way, along the path to the lower cable station, we stopped to look at this cutie. He had a sharp chirrup call and was flitting from bush to bush.

And we also saw a couple of toktokkie beetles. Love their glossy blackness.


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