17 December 2010

Prom: Training Walk, Week 7

16 December 2010

Location: Sea Point

Walker: Helen & Michele

Other training walks here, and other Promenade walks here.

Before: It was a public holiday today so I went down to walk round about lunchtime. I was surprised at how quiet the Prom was, this being holiday season and all. At first I thought it might be bit silly to choose to walk this time of day (y'know, mad dogs & Englishmen...) but when it clouded over a bit and a breeze came up it was extremely pleasant out.

The walk: Nice enough, although I will admit to getting a little bored with this route now. I've been feeling both physically and mentally tired the last little while, so this wasn't a high-energy walk. It felt a little routine.


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Unknown said...

Our beachfront in Port Elizabeth gets very busy on the 16th as it is the official Opening of the Season with activities all afternoon followed by a fireworks display.