01 December 2010

Prom: Training Walk, Week 5

30 November 2010

Location: Sea Point

Walker: Helen & Delphi

Other training walks here, and other Promenade walks here.

Week five of my get-fit training programme, and still going strong!

Before: Cape Town is having fantastic weather at the moment, which is a great help with my motivation. The idea of exercising indoors does not appeal... I want to be outside enjoying the sunshine and stretching my legs!

The walk: My friend Delphi joined me for this one and we walked the usual route, chatting all the way. I can't say I noticed much about the walk as we had much to talk about, lots of news to share. Must be getting fitter as walking and talking seemed pretty effortless!

After: I felt strong and we would have walked a bit further if we didn't have errands to run. I'm keen to start doing longer and more challenging walks now - the only obstacle is time (and sometimes uncooperative weather). This time of year is just crazy-busy.


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Firefly the Travel Guy said...

Port Elizabeth is having super summer weather (without most of the wind) at the moment as well.