03 March 2010

Side Note: Pic of the Day and On Not Walking

I had a lovely surprise this week! One of my photos, originally published on my other blog, was selected as Pic of the Day on Cape Town Tourism's blog. You can see it here.

I have not done any walking for over two weeks and it feels all wrong. I think this is the longest break I've taken since I started this blog. For about a fortnight we've been having a heatwave with temps in the high 30s. I don't cope well when it's hot... I've been feeling tired and headachey and very lazy and lethargic. Despite feeling zero motivation to get out and walk I have been missing it dreadfully. Walking makes me feel good and keeps me balanced. I get such peace of mind from the time spent outdoors in nature and the exertion of the exercise. It is good for me in every way. As soon as it cools off I'm going to be out and about. Can't wait. Roll on autumn!

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Dorothy said...

Congrats! Very nice pic. :)