26 March 2010

Gonubie Beach Boardwalk

Date: 22 March 2010

Location: at the beachfront, Gonubie, Eastern Cape

Walkers: Paddy, Flick and Helen

**** Route plotted here ****

My mom, aunt and I went down to the beach in the small seaside town of Gonubie. From the parking area we walked along the raised wooden boardwalk, past the dunes and over the rocks to the sandy beach near the mouth of the Gonubie River.

The beach was glorious... the sea calm and warm and the sand golden.

Towards the end of the boardwalk we looked down on some fun sand sculptures below.

The cat one was my favourite!

We walked on to the river. I love the cliffs and wild tropical vegetation on the far bank. So natural and unspoilt. Apparently the whole hillside is going to be developed soon as a golf estate - what a shame!

There were quite a few folks boating and fishing on the river.

There was such a relaxed summery holiday vibe.

Our route looped round and back to the boardwalk.

Always feels good to walk on the beach in the sunshine, doesn't it?

(Photos by Helen)

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for these pics, brings back memories of Gonubes! LOVE the place!