28 March 2010

East London: Nahoon Beach

Date: 24 March 2010

Location: from Nahoon Corner, East London

Walkers: Rendall, Helen and Shadow

**** Route plotted here ****

My dad and I went down to Nahoon Beach for a walk. From the Nahoon Corner parking area we walked left, towards the river. There weren't many people on the beach as it was rather windy. I like walking in a wind - it really blows the cobwebs away!

There's a lagoon at the mouth of the Nahoon River. The water was crystal clear and warm. If I'd brought my swimming things I'd have had a dip.

Bonza Bay is across the river.

The Eastern Cape has such beautiful beaches and sand dunes. They feel much wilder than the beaches around Cape Town.

Back at the other end of the beach we walked up to the rocky headland. There is a path that leads up and over to Bat's Cave on the other side. I'll have to do more exploring next time I'm there.

(Photos by Helen)

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