26 March 2010

East London: Dog Walk on the Big Field

Date: 19 March 2010

Location: Bunkers Hill, East London

Walkers: Helen, Paddy and Shadow

On holiday! I spent a week with my parents at their home in East London.

Their dog Shadow gets taken for a walk twice a day. We took turns as someone had to stay with Brenin, the new puppy, who will only be able to join the walks once he has his next inoculation. This evening dad stayed home and my mom and I walked Shadow to the sports fields nearby.

We strolled around slowly, circling the big main field.

The fields are well used. This evening a soccer practice was on the go.

Walks are the highlight of Shadow's day! Happy girl!

(Photos by Helen)


Anonymous said...

Aw, Shadow is gorgeous. What kind of dog is she?

Isn't it amazing how dogs just LOVE walks? Regardless of whether the wind is howling or the rain is pelting or the sun is baking down?

They're just always ready to go for a walk. Always enthusiastic. Always happy to just BE, preferably if it's with you.

Human beings really could learn a lot from dogs.

Helen said...

Couldn't agree with you more :)

And I reckon we can learn from cats too!

As for Shadow - we don't know much about her. My parents adopted her as a young adult dog from the SPCA where she had spent four miserable months. She was so happy to get a new home she apparently wagged her tail non-stop for two weeks! She's a very sweet affectionate dog, and having a great life now. My parents call her a 'transkei shepherd' - a real mutt! She's got some german shepherd dog in her, and maybe some labrador. Her face is small, maybe a dash of staffie?

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