26 March 2010

East London: Dog Walk on the Field Again

Date: 21 March 2010

Location: Bunkers Hill, East London

Walkers: Paddy, Helen and Shadow

Back to the sports fields (see also here and here) for a leg stretch for me, my mom and the pooch.

As before we meandered around the large field with the cricket pitch. This evening though my attention was drawn to the beautiful skies above.

We extended the walk with a detour along the streets on the way home.

(Photos by Helen)


Rose&Thorn said...

I have lots of family in East London and some that have left to the 4 corners of the world - I sent this to them to remind them of home!

Helen said...

Super. Hope it brings back some memories. I have more pics coming too - as soon as I can find some time (and Picasa and Blogger fix their problems)