17 November 2009

Up Lion's Head with Dogs

Date: 17 November 2009

Location: Lion's Head

Walkers: Helen & Dom, with Henry, Sharky and Malachy

Other walks up Lion's Head described here and here. Route plot here.

Now that summer has finally arrived and the days are longer it is possible to take longer walks after work again. Yay! This late afternoon was gloriously warm and sunny and Dom and I took the excited hounds up Lion's Head.

I loved the light and the strange cloud formations.

Despite the hour the sun was hot, and it was good to reach some shade.

Henry and Malachy were always bounding ahead and then waiting for us to catch up. Sharky, of course, was walking underfoot, tripping us up :-)

This is the season for Athanasia crithmifolia. Such an intense yellow.

This, and plenty of bright pink Pelargonium are growing amongst the rocks, particularly on the north and east-facing slopes.

Also found on the rocky slopes was this pretty little plant. I'm not sure what it is... possibly a Diosma (although the leaves look wrong, too 'succulenty') or perhaps an Agathosma?

Dom showed me a special spot I'd never been to before, despite walking up Lion's Head dozens of times. Just to the right of where the path splits for the chain section, a waterfall trickles between the rocks and collects in a pool below. A perfect watering hole for the dogs!

Happy, happy dogs! They loved their walk.

From here we made our way up to the plateau, before turning around and making our way back down, catching a spectacular sunset on the way.

(Photos by Helen)

Important Note: At the end of the walk an official told us that dogs are not meant to be walked on Lion's Head without being on a leash. We did not know this! More info on policy regarding walking dogs in TMNP here.

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