14 November 2009


Date: 14 November 2009

Location: Fish Hoek

Walkers: Dorothy, Michele & Helen

**** Route plotted here ****

We set off to explore Brakkloofrand, the ridge that overlooks Fish Hoek. Followed the same route up the hill as we did for the Elsies Peak walk we quickly reached the plateau. Here, instead of turning left towards Elsies, we took the right fork, signposted to Ridge Beacon.

The path meandered through thick fynbos, towards the ridge ahead.

We walked through a dip - here we found a bunch of restios growing. What an adorable rounded shape they are!

Beyond that the path tunnelled through a stand of tall bushy Leucodendrons.

The red cones suggest this may be Leucodendron coniferum.

Some of the flowers we saw along this route: pretty Ortholobium fruticans.

Blister bush, Peucedanum galbanum (we gave it a wide berth!)

Lovely Roella ciliata.

Strange Saltera carcocolla.

And - very exciting - a golden orchid, Disa cornuta.

It was surprising large (about 40cm tall) and so beautiful.

We also saw plenty of lizards sunning themselves.

As we climbed the view opened up. We could see Simon's Town.

We made our way up to the rocky ridge and found a sheltered spot.

Here we watched this little bird hop around the branches tweeting his heart out, while we nibbled on our picnic.

After we'd eaten we saw that the weather was turning, so decided to head back. On the last stretch of the walk the heavens opened and, just like the day before, we got drenched!

(Photos by Helen)

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Makes me home sick, even after 30 years in Australia!