03 November 2009

Sunny Sea Point Prom

Date: 3 November 2009

Location: Sea Point

Walker: Helen

Archive of all walks on the promenade here.

Summer really has arrived - it was a beautiful hot day today. I went for a brisk walk along Sea Point Promenade, following my normal route, Twin Towers to Saunders Rock and back again.

Lots of people were out and about enjoying the fine weather. Paddling, swimming & surfing in the water.

The public pool has been re-opened and had a lot of visitors.

The beaches were busy too, sunbathers soaking up the rays.

Strangers on the sand... snoozing, lost in a book, deep in thought.

(Photos by Helen)


BOSSY said...

Gorgeous. Bossy is jealous.

Scraps of Bev said...

Hi Helen- At last I'm able to get in and leave a comment!! We keep following your walks and enjoy seeing where you've been - this route we know well, it's good to see the sun shinning!

Helen said...

Hey Bossy, lovely of you to stop by :)
Wish I could send you some of our sunshine!

Hi Bev! I'm glad comments are working properly (I hadn't realised they weren't until recently and I'm still not quite sure what the issue was). Anyway, lovely to hear from you again, and looking forward to walking together when you fly south in a couple of months.