17 October 2009

Up Lion's Head

Date: 17 October 2009

Location: Lion's Head

Walkers: Delphi, Michele and Helen

**** Route plotted here ****

It has been a long eight months since our last walk up Lion's Head. A march all the way to the top being long overdue, we decided to go up late on Saturday afternoon.

The fabulous views across to Table Mountain and the Twelve Apostles made the first part of the walk - the trudge up the road - a little easier.

Where the road ends there are a bunch of silvertrees. We could see past them down to Camp's Bay, and up to the peak above.

There was a tree sweet pea, Podalyria calyptrata, in flower here too.

On the next section, the steps, I noticed that the plastic treads have been replaced by wooden logs. This is good news - I've always found the plastic ones a bit slippery generally and absolutely treacherous when wet.

We walked on. The next section is along and up the rocky path, leading to the split. Many of the walkers headed up the chains, but we took the other route, on the contour to the front.

Along here there was a bright yellow daisy, Euryops pectinatus I think.

We climbed up to the plateau area and paused to catch our breath.

From here it was a steep climb to the summit, mostly clambering up rocks.

We had a little rest and a snack on top, gazing down to Bantry Bay. The Lion's Head Pipe Track runs just above the tree line we could see below.

We walked swiftly back down, catching a beautiful sunset along the way.

(Photos by Helen)

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