17 May 2009

Fernwood Track in Newlands Forest

Date: 9 May 2009

Location: Newlands Forest

Walkers: Jenny, Helen, Claudia, Richard and Daisy

**** Route plotted here ****

We set off along our usual route, heading south (direction Kirstenbosch) .

Instead of turning up the first forestry road we went a little further on and up the second road. This zig-zagged gently up the slope - very pleasant walking with the bright midday sun filtering through the trees.

After the clearing we proceeded up Fernwood Track, though thick indigenous forest. Some of this route is along wooden boardwalk, and over many mossy rocks.

We then met the contour path, turned left and walked on to the edge of Kirstenbosch, and then headed down again, through Loeriesbos. A section of this way down was along another road; from here we could see across to Wynberg Hill and Constantiaberg in the distance. We paused for a bit to watch three birds of prey soaring above us.

Taking a path left back towards the start of our walk, we came across the tumbled-down ruins of a woodcutter's house.

From here it was just a short walk through the forest, back to the start.

It was good see autumn flora and foliage along the way.

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(All photos by Helen)

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Hi Helen, thanks for your posts. It would be most useful to have an approximate time for the length of your walks.
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