01 May 2009

Melkbos Beach

Date: 1 May 2009

Location: Melkbosstrand

Walkers: Claudia, Richard, Michele, Dorothy and Helen, and Daisy

**** Route plotted here ****

During a break in the autumn rain, we wrapped up warmly and braved a walk on the beach in the coastal town of Melkbosstrand, up the West Coast. Starting from the main parking area in the town we headed north up the misty kelp-strewn beach.

(Photos my Michele) (Photos by Helen)

Then the mist cleared and we saw some blue sky!

(Photo by Helen)

There were crabs on the beach - big ones and teeny-tiny ones.

(Photos by Helen) (Photo by Michele)

Koeberg nuclear power station loomed at the far side of the beach.

(Photos by Michele)

We walked as far as we could. Of course we couldn't get too close - signs warned us that access to the area is restricted. What a strange place to build a power station, right on the dunes.

(Photos by Helen)

On the beach: seaweed, patterns in the sand...

(Photos by Helen)

... a happy Daisy dog ...

(Photo by Richard)

... and relaxed, wind-blown walkers.

(Photo by Helen)

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