19 September 2011

Silvermine: Amphitheatre & Steenberg Ridge

Date: 20 August 2011

Silvermine Nature Reserve

Walkers: Michele, Delphi and Helen

*** Route plotted here ***

Previous walks along the Amphitheatre Path here, here, here and here. Previous walks along Steenberg Ridge here and here.

Back to Silvermine for one of my favourite walks. We choose to do it the clockwise direction this time, and as we turned off the road onto the path I noticed a new route marker with yellow lettering. I'm guessing "HT" might stand for Hoerikwaggo Trail?

We slowly climbed the hill...

... stopping to look at interesting rock formations...

... and flowers!

Lovely Romuleas were out, in white and in pink.

Before long we reached the top.

Looking down to the dam far below. There were some rowdy picnickers down there whose noise carried all the way up the hill.

As we walked along Devil's Peak peeked out from behind the elephant.

One of my favourite sections is the short stretch through the berzelia.

As we walked down we decided to extend the walk along the Steenberg Ridge. So instead of following the path straight down the hill we made for the ridge of rocks.

And continued along, enjoying all the views, before peeling off down to the right and completing the walk at the car park. What a great walk!


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Firefly said...

So many fantastic flowers all over the show at the moment, as also here in the Eastern Cape. The views from the trails like this one is just amazing.