21 September 2011

Kirstenbosch: Daisy Daisy

Date: 11 September 2011

Location: Kirstenbosch

Walker: Michele & Helen

The Kirstenbosch archive is here.

Yes, back to Kirstenbosch. Between rainy weather, being super-busy and not feeling too well I haven't managed any decent long walks for a week or three. Being outside does me lots of good, though, so when I can't go to the mountain I go the botanical garden instead. A gentle stroll amongst the flowers is the best therapy for a stressed-out me.

So much colour in in springtime!

Daisies are delightful, don't you agree?

In the annuals section in the lower garden there were also poppies.

And one of my all-time favourites.... geranium incanum.

The bees were having a blast.

By the time this one flew off he was covered in pollen.

I liked this attractive little bug.

So much to see: peas and everlastings...

... yellow, peach and orange Clivias in full bloom....

... and Babiana in the brightest purpley-blue.

Such abundance.

And the brightness of summertime, even on a cool cloudy day.



Firefly said...

The amount of flowers are the variety is amazing. Wish I could take a walk through there.

Christian Cathor said...

these a absolutely lovely, wish I could somewhere like this in the UK