21 May 2011

Newlands: Mid-forest Meander

Date: 14 May 2011

Location: Newlands Forest

Walkers: Michele & Helen

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Michele and I headed to our favourite Newlands Forest for a late afternoon walk. The weather was cool, still and misty. Distinctly gloomy.

We turned off the main path and walked up alongside the river.

There was some water in the stream, but not much. When are our winter rains going to start in earnest I wonder? We need them so badly.

We followed the pipe up the clearing and then straight onwards.

When there was a gap in the trees we could see how low the clouds were.

Before we reached the Woodcutters trail we took another path to the right and then proceeded to zig-zag our way down the hill, slowly, through the lovely indigenous forest.

I presume these net trays are there to collect something, seeds perhaps? This time of year all they seemed to be catching was falling leaves.

Autumn very much in evidence in the foliage.

It wasn't long til we reached the quiet of the pines.

I'm not sure what this plant is... a garden escapee of some kind I would guess. Such a vivid orange on a grey day.

Won't be long now til the last of the leaves fall.


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Firefly said...

From the look on the weather forcast last night you are in for lots of rain from today