18 May 2011

Lower Zambezi: Chongwe Falls

Date: 2 May 2011

Location: Royal Zambezi Lodge, in the Lower Zambezi Valley, Zambia

Walkers: Helen, Dorothy, Dom, the rest of the gang, plus our guides

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Our group went on an expedition to see the waterfalls on the Chongwe River. This meant a half an hour drive into the bush, up into the hills.

As we arrived we were delighted to see that the staff from the lodge had set up a picnic lunch for us: under a magnificent tree there were drinks and a delicious lunch waiting.

We thoroughly enjoyed our refreshments.

Then we strolled down the road to the big pool at the base of the falls. It looked fabulous for swimming but we were warned that it is not safe due to crocodiles. Eeek!

Our guide led us up a path and over the rocks to see the falls.

The water was flowing strongly through the weathered rocks. We'd been heading for a small pool that is sometimes good for swimming but there the river was far too full.

Instead we went back to the road and took another path up the hill.

There was a lot of this pink flowering shrub on the wayside.

This route brought us to another body of water above the falls. This pool was shallow and rocky, and was deemed safe for paddling and swimming. It was so good to cool off in the water!

Lots of large red dragonflies were flitting about.

What an idyllic spot to while away an afternoon.

All to soon it was time to go, an uneventful drive back to the lodge.



Firefly said...

No wonder tourists love coming to our part of the world. The lodges know just how to treat visitors. Imagine (ok, you experienced it so you don't need to imagine it) going on a game drive and stopping for a meal where everything has been set up like that somewhere in the wild.

Reggie said...

Utter luxury in the bush! Am filled with longing to go and explore this place... thank you for showing us what it is like there, Helen.