16 July 2009

Table Mountain: Waterfalls on "Puff Adder"

Date: 16 July 2009

Location: from Tafelberg Rd, Table Mountain

Walkers: Dorothy, Brenda and Helen

**** Route plotted here ****

After a week of freezing temperatures and endless rain I was so pleased to see the sun today! It was time to do our favourite weekday walk again: "Puff Adder Alley". We followed our usual route, which I have written about here and here and here.

The fynbos was green and lush, and water was pouring off the mountain.

This plant was everywhere ~ masses of tiny flowers and a delightful herby fragrance, a bit like rosemary and lavender.

There was a waterfall at the cave...

... and down every rockface. Waterfalls everywhere!

(All photos by Helen)

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