28 July 2009

Table Mountain: Lower Slopes

Date: 28 July 2009

Location: from Molteno Rd, Oranjezicht

Walkers: Dorothy & Helen

**** Route plotted here ****

The lower slopes of Table Mountain offer several options for short walks.

This afternoon we parked at the top of Molteno Rd and followed the track up onto the mountain, past the reservoir.

A family of guinea fowl trotted along in front of us.

After heading up towards the lower cable station we took a path to the left. We walked straight for a while, with great views of the eastern side of Table Mountain and Devil's Peak. Near Deer Park we took a road down the slope again, looking down to the city and harbour.

All along the path we saw plants in flower.

We ducked through the trees at the edge of Deer Park and made our way back along Rugby Rd.

(Photos by Helen)

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