04 July 2009

Silvermine: Old Wagon Path

Date: 4 July 2009

Location: Silvermine, off Ou Kaapse Weg

Walkers: Helen, Claudia, Daisy

**** Route plotted here ****

We left a car at the parking area (Old Wagon Road sign) on Ou Kaapse Weg just up from the intersection with Silvermine Rd.

We then drove back up to the entrance gate to Silvermine Nature Reserve (West) and started along the path heading south. It was very easy walking on a wide track.

We passed the turn-off for the Silvermine River Walk, crossed a stream (where Daisy had a swim) and walked on towards Bokkop.

After rounding Bokkop we joined the Old Wagon Road path, and followed its gentle bends and turns all the way down the hill, to our waiting car.

It was lovely to be outside on a warm, sunny and still winter's day.

It also lovely to see the fynbos looking so healthy. The golden Leucadendron (not sure of exact species?) was everywhere, and quite spectacular. We also stopped to admire several black-bearded proteas, with their silky soft fuzzy bracts.

The ericas varied from a lilac to cerise, and the brilliant orange of the early-flowering chasmanthe also provided a splash of colour.

Towards the end of the walk we got fabulous views up the valley and across to Silvermine East.

(Photos by Helen)

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