14 April 2009

Noordhoek's Long Beach

Date: 13 April 2009

Location: Noordhoek

Walkers: Michele, Dorothy, Helen, Claudia, Richard, Daisy

A bit sore after the big walk, some of us headed down to Long Beach in Noordhoek for a stroll on the sand to loosen up stiff limbs.

We walked down the boardwalk and past the lagoon to get to the beach, and strolled along in the direction of Kommetjie.

(Photos by Helen) (Photos by Michele)

Richard flew his kite in the breeze...

(Photo by Helen)

... while Daisy said hello to all the other dogs...

(Photo by Michele)

... and Michele and I poked around for shells on the shoreline.

(Photos by Helen) (Photos by Michele)

The Atlantic was a beautiful turquoise colour, but cold.

(Photo by Michele)

The horse riders and the surfers were out and about.

(Photos by Helen)

And the views of the surrounding mountains on this gorgeous day: so lovely!

(Photo by Michele)

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