25 November 2012

Meander along the Table Mountain Contour

Date: 6 October 2012

Location: Table Mountain

Walkers: Brenda and Helen

*** Route plotted here ***

The Table Mountain Contour Path archive is here.

Brenda and I parked at Platteklip Gorge and walked down Tafelberg Road to the start of the Saddle Path. Up the steps we went.

Alongside the path we saw clumps of the painted lady, Gladiolus carneus.


Also spotted this yellow one, which I think is Sebaea exacoides.

A powderpuff, Pseudoselago spuria

And one of the loveliest pelargoniums, Pelargonium myrrhifolium var. myrrhifolium.

We followed the Saddle path up to the intersection with the contour, then right along the contour towards Platteklip Gorge.We passed lots of pretty pink erica on these slopes.


We passed Platteklip and continued on the contour.


Perched on rock alongside the road, a small bird of prey. Lucky sighting!

Lots of happy fynbos hereabouts.

We took the alternative route down, just past Platteklip Gorge. This path isn't very well used, but it is a nice easy descent.


On the way down we saw a small fire below Tafelberg Road. A fire engine appeared on the scene very quickly and fortunately by the time we passed it the incident was taken care of. Well done, fire-fighters!

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Firefly said...

I imagine there are lots and lots of flowers to be seen on the mountain this time of the year.