25 November 2012

Babianas at Kloof Corner

Date: 2 October 2012

Location: Table Mountain

Walkers: Dorothy and Helen

For other walks up Kloof Corner see the archive here.

The days are getting longer and - yay -- it is possible to do walks after work again. This afternoon Dorothy and I went up the steps at Kloof Corner.

Flowers spotted on the way up: Wachendorfia paniculata.

The white scabiosa, S. columbaria.

Another white one. I think it's Dischisma ciliatum.

And one more white one, Adenandra uniflora.

The fragrant crassula, Crassula fascicularis.

And the common Lachenalia fistulosa.

At the top of the steps we found lots and lots babiana, Babiana villosula, in various shades of light blue. So, so pretty!


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