25 November 2012

Spring Showers in Newlands Forest

Date: 22 September 2012

Location: Newlands Forest

Walkers: Helen and Michele

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We met for a lunchtime walk in Newlands Forest. On the way up to the forest we admired the bright new leaves on the trees.

We followed our usual path uphill, alongside the river.

This time of year the hillside looks green and lush...

... the streams are flowing very strongly...

... and the keurbooms scent the air with their sweet smell.

As we made our way up the slopes it started to rain. Quite a downpour too! We sheltered under a tree until the rain lightened up. We didn't have any umbrellas or raincoats with us and got pretty soaked.


We decided to head back down again. By the time we got down the rain had stopped and the sun was out again!


On the way back we stopped at Rhodes Memorial. From this viewspot one can look down to the city, and towards the harbour.

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