19 August 2012

Yellow Slopes at Kloof Corner

Date: 18 July 2012

Table Mountain

Walkers: Michele, Dorothy & Helen

For other walks on this route see the Kloof Corner archive.

Back to my favourite route! Up those steps!

Slopes covered with yellow daisies!

The air is so clear in winter. We could see all the way to the mountains in the far distance. In summer it is usually hazy or smoggy.

Lots of new growth on the slopes: brunia, leucadendrons and more.

And in the golden afternoon sun: featherhead...

... and yellow bulbinella.

Looking down the final flight of steps, always a tough climb.

We walked along the contour and came down the path below the cableway. It was almost dark when we got back to the cars.



Unknown said...

I imagine a walk like this can get a bit hot in summer. All the flowers are very beautiful and I love that last poic of the cable car

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