05 August 2012

Greece 2012: Antiparos Town

Date: 27 June 2012

Location: Antiparos

Walkers: Helen

In the morning my friends caught the ferry back to Athens. I had a couple of extra days before I had to head home and so I also took a ferry - a short ride to the nearby island of Antiparos.

After checking into my room I made my way to the nearest beach, San Spiridon, just a short walk from my accommodation. Not the best beach for swimming as the sea is very shallow, but I lay in the sun and read my book.

Later on I walked into the main part of Antiparos town, passing a gaggle of geese that seemed to live right there on the beach.

It was lunchtime so I sat down and ordered some "Greek cousin".

Salad, some eggplant dip and delicious bread.

Then I meandered up and down the main pedestrian road through the town - lots of shops and wonderful restaurants.

I also took a turn around the harbour.

And then walked south of the town, past the windmill and church.

Here I found the main beach of Antiparos town which was lovely, a long stretch of sand and with great sea for swimming.


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Firefly the Travel Guy said...

The one thing that I have picked up from the pics is that it seems you were slightly off the beaten track all the time. Nowhere were there any crowds.