05 August 2012

Greece 2012: Agios Georgios, Antiparos

Date: 28 June 2012

Location: Antiparos

Walkers: Helen

In the morning I stopped into my favourite little supermarket for water.

And then waited for the local bus. It was a thirty minute ride to the last stop, Agios Georgios at the south of the island.

There is no village centre as such as Agios Georgios - just a couple of tavernas and a few boats moored next to the beach.

The houses - most of them large mansions - were dotted around the hills. It seemed very quiet - truly, very few people around.

I followed the road along the coast. Across the water I could see the uninhabited island of Despotiko.

It was fairly windy but I found a small sheltered beach, which I had all to myself. A small tree for shade, and a gorgeous ocean.

At lunchtime I walked back to the taverna and ordered fish and salad.

Octopus and fish were drying in the sun. So strange.

In the afternoon I hung out at the main beach.

When I got back to Antiparos town I went to have a look at the Kastro.

And sat down at a cafe and watched the world go by.


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Firefly said...

I'm trying to imagine citting at the cafe and enjoying the relaxed atmosphere that seems to prevail there.